1. Welcome to LGM Nutrition – your first stop in Brighton and Hove for diabetes support and hormone balancing with personalised nutrition and health programmes.

      PICTURE a time when you feel fantastic. You are sleeping well, coping with stress, and fighting off  the germs.

      IMAGINE your weight is just where you want it to be, cravings are a thing of the past, blood sugar levels are stable, concentration levels are high, your hormones are balanced, you feel energised, your skin is clear, your eyes bright, and everyone tells you how amazing you are looking.


      At LGM Nutrition we offer a friendly, common sense and realistic approach to healthy eating, which is both non-judgemental and supportive. Most importantly, it is tailored to fit with your personal health goals and lifestyle, and offers you the best chance to make positive and sustainable changes.

      We aim to help de-mystify the world of nutrition and help you put the enjoyment back into eating.                           


      lunch break

      This week  I am delighted to be supporting Active Sussex with their Workplace Health Week campaign. The team at Active Sussex are committed to promoting sport and physical activity across the county, and your workplace is a great place to start.  Employees who are able to manage their stress and energy levels, boost their immunity and look after their mental and physical health, take fewer days off, are far more valuable to their employers, and are more productive as a workforce.

      If your workplace isn’t already involved, why not sign up to workplacechallenge.org.uk where you will find lunchtime recipe ideas, and also exercise tips to keep you moving. To find out more about how I can support your team at work visit my Corporate Consultancy page.


      telephone Free telephone consultations are available before you commit. Call me on 07941 062229 for more information.  Consultations are held at Radius Healthcare in Hove.