1. One to One Consultation

      How does a Consultation Work?

      Prior to us working together, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that explores your health status, lifestyle, specific health concerns, and medical history . You will also be asked to keep a typical 3-day food diary, to help understand your dietary preferences.

      Initial Free Consultation

      A first consultation will take a full case history exploring the underlying causes for your particular concern. I will then work with you to agree your goals, offer some first steps to work with, and suggest a realistic and achievable dietary programme that works with your food preferences and lifestyle. This service is free of charge and will demonstrate to you how feeling healthy and energetic again is absolutely possible.

      Ongoing support

      I like to work with my clients to create a bespoke programme, specifically tailored to their needs, and as such, will suggest how this can work after the initial discussion. Ongoing support will focus on monitoring progress and adapting dietary programmes to help you achieve your goals and change your health and wellbeing for good.

      Support materials include a personal action programme, meal and recipe ideas, and shopping suggestions.

      Diagnostic Testing and Supplements

      Diagnostic testing may be suggested if it is felt a condition would benefit from further investigation (eg persistent digestive problems, possible hormonal or nutrient imbalances). This will be explained fully at the consultation. In some cases, supplement programmes may also be recommended. I am not affiliated to any one particular supplement brand but recommend The Natural Dispensary who sell most major brands online. They offer me commission which I share with my clients by way of a discount on products purchased, and I use my share of commission to fund my ongoing training and continued professional development.