1. Testimonials

      • "“I found your consultation really valuable and it has given me a new lease of life. I feel less cramped about food and it has opened possibilities up and made me feel more relaxed – awesome!  Thank you for the suggestions – I am looking forward to implementing your tips. Value for money comes to mind! "" Sara
      • "Lucy's programme has helped re-educate me in the things that will maintain weight loss, and I have included so many more things in my diet that I really enjoy and only used to have occasionally. Now my aim will be to re-educate my family!" Susan
      • "I came to Lucy because I was suffering with fibroids, fatigue, low iron levels, low mood, skin irritations, very high stress levels and the world was very grey.  I had no idea what was causing these symptoms but Lucy did and worked with me to balance my hormones through improving my diet, helping me identify stress and removing it where I could to stop adrenal fatigue.  She also got me tested by my GP for hormone levels and she helped me discover a food intolerance that I never would have picked up. The results have been amazing, I feel so much better in myself, have more energy, I understand my diet and what are the good options to eat to help my body look after itself.  " Paula
      • "I would recommend Lucy to anyone as she will do everything to help you, she works really hard to provide you with recipes/suggestions or will research foods in your chosen supermarket that will improve your diet and symptoms, she is motivates you all the way along the journey.   She is only an email or phone call away if you need advice or have any questions.   My world is now in colour – thank you Lucy." Paula
      • "I've just read through your notes.  I feel emotional, you’re the first person to give me a ‘plan’ to work to that makes sense.  Thank you!  " Farida