1. Testimonials

      • "“I found your consultation really valuable and it has given me a new lease of life. I feel less cramped about food and it has opened possibilities up and made me feel more relaxed – awesome!  Thank you for the suggestions – I am looking forward to implementing your tips. Value for money comes to mind! "" Sara
      • " I have definitely noticed a difference in the physical symptoms I was getting of anxiety and also that my eating habits in general are much better. I eat much more regularly now and don’t crave sugar now. All the carbohydrates I have are wholegrain and I’m eating a lot of fish and nuts and seeds and vegetables, and this definitely seems to be working.  So thank you very much for your help. It has been very good advice and your explanation of the adrenal system and how it all works has made it easier to visualise and understand why I should change my diet and why it is helping’ so that has helped me the most." Kate
      • ""Having completed the Metabolic Detox,  I have learnt so much about my body and how it reacts to certain foods. I feel lighter, my digestion has improved tremendously and my frequent headaches have gone. I feel better than I have done for ages. Lucy was a constant support and kept me really motivated throughout"." Lin
      • "My diet was already pretty good when I met Lucy, but her knowledge and advice which she has passed onto me has made it even better. I have made little changes and achieved incredible results. As a matter of fact, thanks to Lucy I am getting younger and healthier, at the age of 31 my metabolic age is 16, the overall body composition is great and most importantly I feel better than ever. Thank you!  " Zuzana
      • "I really wanted to say how much I appreciated your really sensible and very practical expertise, which you delivered in such a nice, kind way! having been a lawyer for a long time I know how difficult it can be to make complex stuff appear very logical, and you did it so well. The main thing really though is that I fell much more in control and can address those dreadful sugar drops, which used to leave me dashing for the chocolate. Thank you!" Jo