1. Testimonials

      • "I would recommend Lucy to anyone as she will do everything to help you, she works really hard to provide you with recipes/suggestions or will research foods in your chosen supermarket that will improve your diet and symptoms, she is motivates you all the way along the journey.   She is only an email or phone call away if you need advice or have any questions.   My world is now in colour – thank you Lucy." Paula
      • "Lucy was understanding and encouraging. Her knowledge of food was phenomenal and she really opened my mind." Nina
      • "I really wanted to say how much I appreciated your really sensible and very practical expertise, which you delivered in such a nice, kind way! having been a lawyer for a long time I know how difficult it can be to make complex stuff appear very logical, and you did it so well. The main thing really though is that I fell much more in control and can address those dreadful sugar drops, which used to leave me dashing for the chocolate. Thank you!" Jo
      • "I've just read through your notes.  I feel emotional, you’re the first person to give me a ‘plan’ to work to that makes sense.  Thank you!  " Farida
      • "Due to the fact that I have been able to control my blood sugar levels, I have been able to halve my diabetes medication. This is the best diet regime I have experienced and the only one where I have felt I am changing my eating habits forever." Hilary