1. The Thing About Hormones

      Whatever you may be struggling with; weight loss (or gain), stress and anxiety, energy, sleep, poor immunity, female health issues or digestive problems; hormone imbalance is likely to be at the root of your problems.

      Hormones are chemical messengers which control the function of our key organs and systems, including our heart, kidneys, reproductive organs, digestive tract, liver and lungs. In order to remain healthy and functional, our body strives to stay in balance (or homeostasis), and hormones help maintain this optimal state. When stress is applied to any one body organ through poor nutrition or lifestyle habits, hormone balance can quickly go awry in an attempt to reinstate the status quo, and this is when symptoms of ill health can take hold.

      By working with you to understand what has gone wrong, and where, I can help you restore homeostatic balance to enable you to feel healthy and energetic again.