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      Introducing a unique collaboration this Spring with The Regency Town House’s Paul Couchman, which delves into our past with Historical Cooking for Health – three themed cooking workshops in the original Town House kitchen in Brunswick Square, Hove. These events offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in Brighton’s Regency historical culinary past, try some traditional recipes, to explore nutrition of the time and understand how that translates into our modern cooking.

      Each workshop is just £45 and you will take home your culinary creations, recipes, plus nutrition and health information from the theme of the day. There are only 8 spaces on each workshop so book early!

      Friday 19th April (Good Friday):   Vegan Easter.
      The Regency Town House, 2pm – 5pm

      Veganism is one of our fastest growing dietary and lifestyle changes, but can present challenges in finding replacement meals at times. Participants will make vegan Hot Cross Buns, almond milk and chocolate almond Easter treats, and will leave with an understanding of what veganism means and how to follow a healthy vegan diet. You will learn how to make delicious healthy and appetizing recipes without animal products, whilst including nutrients vital for optimum health. The workshop will travel back in time to see how cooks incorporated vegan dishes into their daily life and the social and health implications for both periods of history. 

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      Friday 17th May: Food as Medicine                                             The Regency Town House, 10am – 1pm

      Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wisely said, ‘Let Food be thy Medicine’ and this has indeed been the reality for many Centuries, with folklore passing on the wisdom of the medicinal benefits of various fruits, plants, herbs and spices.  In our evidence based world, we are now beginning to understand the scientific validity for many of these practices and why so many traditional recipes and foods are indeed good for us.

      Participants in this morning workshop will learn how the body heals itself using natural healing ingredients found in everyday foods. We will explore which foods were used for medicinal purposes in Regency times when medical interventions were unavailable to the masses.

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      Friday 14th June: Fermenting: Food for Healthy Digestion    The Regency Town House, 2pm-5pm

      Participants in this cooking workshop will leave with an understanding of how the gut microbiome works; and why this is such a vital factor in our health and wellbeing. We will discuss which foods help and hinder digestion, the impact of modern medications, and the role of fermentation in nutrition.

      We will look at gut health in the historical context and make some dishes including pickles, a broth and sauerkraut which Regency cooks are likely to have made – intuitively using ingredients which would have supported their gut health and protected them from serious disease

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      Images courtesy of Paul Couchman, The Regency Town House