• Is Brexit ruining your appetite?

        Flippant as it may sound, Brexit is making us anxious; breeding uncertainty around job security, savings and investments, the economy – and so much more.

        Stress is one of the biggest killers in modern society, and also one of the most common contributors to symptoms I see all too often in clinic. Whether its waking in the early hours with a buzzing mind, digestive issues,  palpitations and sweats, or mood swings and anxiety; these are all symptomatic of hormones in overdrive, designed to help us with ‘fight and flight’ survival, but in reality making us sick. Ironic, considering one of the promises of Brexit!

        We can’t necessarily make all the stress go away, but we can support our health and sanity with some simple dietary and lifestyle changes to help balance our stress hormones and build some resilience against day to day uncertainty.

        Key things to focus on are:

        • Sleep! A good night’s rest gives our body time to heal, repair and reset, and helps deal with the challenges of the days ahead.
        • Exercise: Even a gentle walk is fine. Physical exercise, particularly outside in the fresh air, can really help support the adrenal glands (a vital part of the fight and flight stress response), as well as boosting happy hormones to improve mood and make the world feel like a less daunting place.
        • R&R:  Turn off the news and take time out away from day to day stressors. A laugh with friends, a relaxing bath, a good book, a massage, a wander along the beach – in fact anything which takes your mind off your worries is the best remedy.
        • And of course; your food choices. When stressed, the primal urge is to reach for carbs, sweets or alcohol, but this will only make things worse. Increasing the amount of simple un-processed and fresh ingredients you eat will support and nourish your adrenal glands and help keep those digestive juices flowing. 

        A bit of anxiety may seem like a frivolous reason to ask for support, but it could be a health-saver.

        Contact me  or come along to one of my free Taster Sessions on 1st and 2nd March if you need any support.