• Diary of a Metabolic Detox – Day 13

        Day 13 – Planing for The Last Hurdle

        Just two days to go – albeit a weekend which can present its own challenges. On the one hand old habits die hard – either out socialising or in by the fire with a glass of something red; so for this weekend, I’ve come up with a menu planner a) to keep me on the straight and narrow and b) because I’m really enjoying experimenting with the cooking, and at least there’s a little more time to cook when the phone isn’t ringing! my menu plan is on my Facebook page if you ant to see what’s in store at Maison Detox this weekend!

        Weekend menuMeal planning is something I recommend with all my clients. Rushing around and fitting healthy meals into a busy schedule isn’t easy, and it’s all too tempting to grab a takeaway or ready meal when you think it’s the quickest solution, but I have found this week that most of the meals I have tried have been as quick, if not quicker, than a ready meal and much tastier (and almost certainly cheaper). I have also made lots of soups with leftover portions now stacking up in the freezer.

        A common perception of a ‘diet’ or detox is deprivation and hunger, so last night I had a kebab (detox style) and my plan for the weekend Chicken kebabs with fragrant riceincludes a wholesome fireside meal for tonight whilst watching Strictly, and a Sunday roast, which will give me plenty of easy leftovers for next week and bones for some amazing stock.

        Yesterday we had our final group webinar on maintenance and moving forward, which has triggered some ideas; to be shared with you soon! This has been too valuable to waste, and I’ve discovered not only new foods and habits, but the fact that there are some I really don’t miss; so all change in my fridge and freezer!

        I will start uploading a few more recipe on my Recipe pages, but will also hold some back for those of you game enough to have a go in the New Year and join my post Christmas Detox group. Let me know if you are interested, but I will post details as soon as I have them.

        Don’t forget to visit my Facebook page here if you want to see my day by day progress; and let me know if you have any menus you would like me to share.