• Diary of a Metabolic Detox – Day 7

        This weekend has been all about preparation. Three days ahead on a balanced and healthy liquid only diet isn’t easy, so the provisions are in and the batch cooking has begun! The other challenge is trying to break normal weekend habits which tend to revolve around friends, food and drink; so a change of routine this weekend has helped. I had a fabulous aromatherapy massage yesterday afternoon – my reward for sticking to week one without deviating – and this afternoon spent the afternoon at a local health club where I swam and then sweated out even more toxins in the steam room. I discovered a great online site www.payasugym.com which allows you to buy day passes to hundreds of gyms and health centres across the country.

        Beetroot and butternut squash soup I love cooking and the results seem to turn out well– even though my finished recipes don’t seem to be nearly as impressive as the others in the group who have been sharing their pictures online. My ‘Nigella-style’ finishing and presentation is coming along and it has encouraged me to start being more creative with my food. When the ingredients are more restrictive (particularly when cutting out dairy and wheat), the two things which become so important are taste and visual appeal. More herbs and spices are really helping – the beetroot and squash soup was delicious but made even better by the nutmeg and cinnamon in the recipe.

        Adding blended mixed berries to the UltraMeal drink today also made the difference between something functional and nutritious, and something which was a real treat. This week I will be stocking up on frozen berries which are perfect to throw into a juice or smoothie to add a bit of fibre and sweetness.

        Berry and pineapple smoothie with mint

        The other lesson I’m learning this weekend is how to keep my protein levels up when eating just soups and juices. Today has been fine so far, but I am beginning to wilt and am off to make a more hearty soup with cannellini beans to get those proteins in. I would normally reach for a handful of walnuts or almonds at this stage, but solids are off the menu until Wednesday so creative alternatives are required and I think beans and pulses will come into their own here over the next two days.

        My daily Epsom Salts baths before bed have also been great. The magnesium in the salts helps promote sleep and that’s definitely something I have benefited from over the last week.

        Support form the rest of the ‘detox group’ has also been key over the last few days. It has been interesting hearing other people’s high’s and low’s and comforting knowing that not everyone is out for a pub lunch, or curled up in front of Strictly with a glass of red wine. So far the sacrifice seems to be paying off. Whilst there are the occasional hunger pangs, I’m learning how to quell them without falling off the wagon; and I’ve noticed a very definite lack of cravings. That’s what no sugar for a week can do for you!

        The smell of fresh bread in the supermarket was a challenge, and I had never noticed just  how many fish and chip shops Brighton had until I walked along the seafront yesterday, but overall my appetite has diminished and I’m feeling satisfied with smaller portions. Hopefully the first of many long term lessons!

        A new working week with another group webinar tomorrow morning to check in with the group and keep us all on track; and I will also be getting out the scales to how the vital statistics have improved. The jeans are definitely looser so here’s hoping!

         White bean and kale soup with rosemary and thymePS: Tonight’s white bean and kale soup with rosemary was quite sublime.