• How are you…really?

        Next time someone asks you ‘How are you?’, when you respond ‘I’m fine’, do you really mean it? Much of the time we muddle along feeling ok, but honestly not so great. Perhaps just a bit tired and lacking in energy; maybe with a dodgy tummy, or an annoying cold which won’t go away, perhaps a little heavier than feels comfortable, or even struggling to gain weight; or sometimes something more serious which we push to the back of our mind because we are just too busy (or scared) to deal with it.

        We are what we eat – literally; so everything we put in our mouth contributes to our wellbeing. If we feed ourselves rubbish foods devoid of any nutrient value, the chances are that our body and mind will respond by malfunctioning and eventually grinding to a halt – a bit like a car after giving it the wrong fuel. The human body is an incredibly clever and complex machine, which works hard to keep itself in good shape, and has amazing built in systems to function well, heal and repair. But  we can be its worst enemy, and it needs our help.

        The proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fluids we eat and drink all play a vital role in creating energy, helping us sleep, supporting the immune system, nourishing our hormones and helping us digest and absorb our food properly. When we are lacking in these vital nutrients, we are denying our body the tools to do its job. When we overload with poor quality foods, we put undue stress on the body and it battles to keep everything in order.

        As a nutritional therapist, I work with my clients to look at the whole picture, to explore not just what is going wrong, but more importantly, why. We don’t just look at diet, but everything going on around them in their day to day work and family life to identify potential stresses and challenges. In this way we can work together to address the underlying causes, come up with a simple and realistic plan which is tailored to fit around work, family, and all the things which keep us busy.

        During a nutrition consultation, we work through a health and lifestyle questionnaire and food diary which I ask clients to complete in advance. We then discuss food likes and dislikes (after all, no one is going to stick to a plan filled with foods they hate!) We agree simple food swaps, meal ideas and recipes, and I can help with suggestions about where to shop, and how to navigate special occasions and eating out. If food intolerances or special diets are a challenge, we can also explore ways of making life easier around these. You would be astonished how simple changes can make a huge difference; a few swaps and tweaks can quickly remove whatever is doing harm or replace what is lacking. 

        Just imagine next time you are asked ‘How are you?’ if you can honestly reply ‘You know what? I’m feeling amazing!

        If you have a niggling health worry and would like to find out how I can help support you towards feeling amazing, contact me for a no-obligation chat.