• Diary of a Metabolic Detox – Day 5

        Planning for the weekend ahead

        Today has been the most challenging so far. I still feel great and slept well again; in fact so well that I overslept and was Quick mixed berry breakfast with mixed seedsthen running late and had to cobble together a quick breakfast. Just before running out the door I threw together some berries, pear and kiwi fruit and concocted a fruit salad, topped with mixed seeds to add protein. I grabbed my UltraMeal drink and headed into town to a morning seminar on chronic Fatigue Syndrome and realised when I arrived I had forgotten to take my morning supplements. One thing we did learn today is that apparently kiwi fruit at bedtime can really help with sleep due to the levels of magnesium in it (a natural tranquilliser), so I’ll be trying that tonight.

        lakeland carrot peeler and sharpenerThe seminar was fascinating but meant I didn’t make it home until 2.30pm, having successfully negotiated the temptations of a supermarket by only stocking up on fresh fish and more vegetables. I also found a couple of new gadgets on an unplanned detour of Lakeland and now have a carrot sharpener to play with over the weekend. Who knew I needed that!

        By the time I made it home I was very hungry, but it only took minutes to make lunch of mixed salad and leftover chicken and avocado from last night (+ supplements I forgot this morning).

        Tonight I will be cooking fish and chips ‘detox style’, so will post the result tomorrow; but it helps make Friday feel more normal and avoids the temptation of slipping back into any bad habits. Weekends can feel like an obstacle on any kind of eating programme, but I have decided to turn it on its head and have fun tomorrow batch cooking some delicious soups and smoothies to last me through the 3 liquid only days which start on Sunday.

        I have also planned an afternoon aromatherapy massage to celebrate sticking to the programme in week one, so have that to look forward to.